Gracias A Dios Por Faldas y Flores

Gracias A Dios Por Faldas y Flores 
(Thank God For Skirts and Flowers)

Sundays have always been something I look forward to in my household. The early morning wake up calls to find the perfect church garb. The beautifully poetic and personal sermons. The delicious brunch spread. And the sweet nap that follows.

So why not have an outfit as beautiful as the day?

When I hit my closet, I find myself drawn to skirts. They have the femininity of a dress with the versatility to dress it up as you please.

This particular rainy Sunday, I went with the pairing of a casual floral skirt with a more formal short sleeve peter pan collared blouse.

With such a cool collar I decided to highlight it with a gold coin necklace. I added a simple short cardigan to help me weather the sanctuary AC-climate.

And I finished the look off with a pair of maroon short cut boots to bring all the colors together and protect my feet from”Noah’s flood”.

And as an ode to church hats, I tossed on a wide-rimmed black summer hat.

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