As a soccer player summer means work outs, lots of work outs. With the gym, the track, and the field becoming frequent stages for my wardrobe, I decided it was time to add some fashion to my training gear. Gone are the days when any old t-shirt and shorts will do.

When Austin, Texas is your stomping ground staying cool is imperative. I like finding fun tank tops to rock, whether it be a cheesy inspirational one, like the one I rocked this day, or one that just has a sweet cut out back.

Finding the right pair of shorts is crucial, but can be difficult. It took me many years to find shorts that fit my soccer body well. But now I’ve fallen in love with slitted shorts, that give me a little extra room for my “athletic” thighs.

The next item that’s vital to any chic training outfit, is the pair of socks. I’m a sucker for a nice pair of calf-height Nike elites (shown here), but I also like to switch it up with some funky colored ankle-height socks once in awhile.

The kicks, aka the sneakers, are the next piece to the puzzle. I like a pair of sneakers that has at least a little bit of color to it, but with the right pair of socks any pair of sneakers can look pretty fresh.

The final item I like to add when I get the chance, like when Austin decided to have rain for 3 weeks straight, is a nice rain jacket. Snag a rain jacket that has some dope colors or designs.

Whatever you decided to wear, don’t let staying fit kill your fashion game, have fun with your wardrobe on and off the field.

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