FIFAshion ’15

FIFAshion ’15.

What happens when you’re American, born and raised, but you fall in love with Brazil?… You get a girl who has a really awkward situation when the World Cup comes around.

I love the World Cup. The excitement, the pride, the debut of new kits, and the thrilling wins. It’s everything I love about soccer packed into a couple of months.

But you can’t be a true World Cup fan if you don’t have the apparel to match your heart. For me, this part has always deemed a little difficult. Do I rock my red, white, and blue combo or do I slide on my Brazil jersey?

Well with a blended heart like mine, your only choice is to let your countries take turns. This year USA got to go first. As Wambach and Rapinoe took the field against Australia Monday, I stood in my red sneaks ready to cheer.

The World Cup is war, not just for the players, but for the fans. So you got to dress for battle. Getting a little heated is inevitable so its a great idea to keep cool with shorts or skirts. Same idea with the top, light weight short sleeve tops will suit you well. Doing victory laps in celebration of each of your team’s goals is also a given so sneakers are a smart choice.

But please don’t forget your accessories. As a fan, any extra item that can show your support could be the difference between a tied game and getting the “W”. So if you got a pair of patriotic socks put them on and if you have the right colored bandanna toss it on that head.

Granted I am a soccer player so the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 means a little more to me than most, but if you tune into just one game I guarantee you will be inspired by these incredibly strong and skillful women.

Learn how to fuse your fashion and fútbol on 6/16. 7 pm. CST. USA vs Nigeria. Fox. &  6/17. 6 pm. CST. Brazil vs Costa Rica. Fox Sports 1. Be There.

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