Ode to the 90’s

Ode to the 90’s.

My parents’ closet has always been one of my favorite places to shop. So naturally I adopted a love for “vintage” style. I find it fun to pick a decade and play around with the trends of that time. For this look, I hit the decade of tight tops, loose bottoms, lots of braids and a whole lot of hip hop. It’s the NINETIES BABY.

Now I’m not just talking about any 90’s fashion, I am talking about the 90’s hip hop fashion.

For boys it was the high top fade, but for girls it was all about the braids. Braid styles like the box braid were a hit among the girls because it gave their hair protection against the weather elements, extra length and a style that still held close to their roots.

I know you have seen it creeping back into fashion now days, but it started way before 2015. The bucket hat may have started with TV’s first mate Gilligan, but when Big Bank Hank and LL Cool J debuted their hats in the rap world the game changed. Granted both these rap sensations hit the stage a little before the 90’s, their fashion statements were still definitely 90’s hits.

Hip hop fashion for the ladies was about adding feminine flavor to men’s already established style. Women’s fashion followed the musical trends of the time, rapping in a male-dominated industry while adding their own female flare to the art.

Loose sweat pants paired with visible boxers followed the male trends. But a fitted mid-length tank with large hoop earrings and a bit of lip gloss brought just the right touch of femininity to the look.

When it came to nails, nail art found its height in the 90’s. Ladies loved finding a new design to try. Now days you can get the look without the long wait. With stick on nail patterns, I got to rock the New York skyline as a statement nail within just a few minutes.

Now the sneaker game is one of the most crucial parts to any hip hop wardrobe. Nike, Reebok, and Adidas lead the sneaker world in the 90’s. They gave hip hop stylist the perfect accessory to any outfit with their low cut and high top styles featuring the sickest color combos and designs.

This era was all about art. From the graffiti to the hip hop to the fashion, the 90’s was a time of self expression.

So throw a little retro into your outfits because we all love a little blast from the past.

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  1. From Beginning to Trend says:

    Yess! I love everything about this! Great look and perfect location for photos!
    http://www.frombeginning2 trend.com


    1. Sara,
      Thank you so much. I am so glad you enjoyed the look. The graffiti park was such a blast to shoot at too.

      Liked by 1 person

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