For Brighter Whites

For Brighter Brights.

Accessories. Accessories. Accessories. One of my favorite aspects of fashion is the little pieces you can add to an outfit. I love watching an outfit come alive with a simple addition of a bracelet or a bag. With a few recent additions to my accessory collection, I decided to give myself a blank canvas to highlight my little pieces with a white on white look.

For me, my accessories hold a lot of stories. And creating a sleek blank canvas not only shows them off, but allows a more intimate conversation. Compliments shift from, “I like your outfit” to “I love your necklace. Where’d you get it?” People zoom into the story of a specific piece rather than the general look. And just like that my outfit becomes a stage for storytelling.

To assemble this canvas, I started with a fitted pair of jeans to give a polished look. I then added a loose t-shirt and a pair of short cut sneakers to keep the look simple. And to finish it off I added a light weight sweater around the waist to tie it all together.

With the canvas set. It was time to accessorize. For a more dressed up look, I added a nude clutch to add just a hint of color. The clutch was a simple bag borrowed from my sister’s closet. Of course purchased as a steal at my sister’s favorite shop, Buffalo Exchange (upscale thrift store).

Another fun accessory, I really enjoy is nail polish. I kept my nails white to follow the rest of the outfit, but I jazzed them up with my newest nail obsession. I used cheetah print nail appliques to quickly create an accent nail.

For a daytime casual look, I tossed on a frosted peach backpack. Again borrowed from my sis and purchased from her other favorite spot. The sales rack at Urban Outfitters is frequently visit by my big sis.

Now for one of my favorite categories of accessories, jewelry. This bracelet collection is a combination of family heirlooms, gifted bracelets, and the typical vendor bargains. This gold watch bracelet was handed down to me from my mother and with no working battery I decided to rock it as a statement bracelet.

This new addition was gifted to me by my best friend just last week. I’m kind of a watch fanatic so I have just been itching to debut this blue face Michael Kors.

This gorgeous pure gold nugget necklace was gifted to me by my grandmother last summer after she blessed me with an entire UPS box of her old jewelry. Granted it was only offered to me after my sister and I begged her to share some of her wealth, I am still humbled by her offering.

As the youngest in my immediate family and one of the younger kids in my extended family, I’ve always been spoiled with heirlooms and other hand-me-down fashion pieces. With these gifts my outfits share so much more than a display of fashion. To me outfits are a great form of storytelling, not only to express your personality, but to share a little bit of your history.

So the next time you find yourself blessed with some new and fun accessories, create canvas that will be sure to put them at the forefront.   And don’t forget to HOLLA: Like. Comment. Share. Subscribe

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