A Mobile Accessory


A Mobile Accessory.

Bikes are no longer left for the training-wheeled toddlers or the Tour de France trainees. It’s time to introduce a new piece of metal into your wardrobe and get your fashion rolling. Put a whole new meaning to street wear and explore bike fashion.


I have been searching for a bike for years now. Trying to find the best deal between pawn shops, bike shops and Craiglist. But my father finally put an end to that hunt this summer. Coming home the hero after finding a nice classic women’s Schwinn for a steal at a Goodwill auction.


I love taking my bike out around town, because despite living in one of the fastest growing cities in America, being able to swing by the grocery store or grab lunch on the Drag gives my city that small-town-feel again.

Another great bonus…

I get to display my outfit all across town.


On this particular day, it was a little warmer (typical Texas summer heat), so I tried to capture a big look with little clothing required. I went with a cheetah print skirt for the pop and a simple white crop top to keep the outfit cool.

And for shoes I went with a plain cream oxford earlier in the day and then switched it up later with some funky see-through Doc Marten boots and a pair of fuchsia socks.


When it comes to bike fashion it’s a lot about finding the balance been cute and practical. Like when you are picking out a bottom, you want something that you can still paddle with easily, but again still looks good. Finding a women’s bike can be really helpful. Women’s bikes are designed to have a lower hanging middle bar, which allows you to wear skirts and dresses more freely.

When you are picking out tops, you want to find something that suits the weather well, whether that means keeping you dry during surprise showers or simply keeping you cool during the hotter days. In addition, be careful to pick sleeves that won’t catch on things easily, like your brake controllers.


Lastly, choose shoes that will give you a good grip and won’t leave you open to cut up feet. A cute pair of oxfords or a nice pair of sneakers are perfect options. But if your final destination is work or something requiring a more formal look, just toss your heals or sandals in your bag for later.

Speaking of bags, don’t forget your accessories. Adding a nice backpack to your look not only makes travel easy, but it’s another way to elevate your outfit. And of course I like to rock some color on my nails and a nice watch on my wrist to keep my handlebars looking good.

And please remember the most important accessory exclusive to bike fashion, the helmet. I know it doesn’t look as cute as that awesome hairdo you have, but safety looks good on everyone. My tip, find a helmet that has a cute color or saying on it. And choose a hairdo that will sit well underneath it and still look good after the ride, like a half up-half down look.

See your city from a new perspective and look good while doing it, because we all know green is in.

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  1. The whole outfit is put together so nicely! Obsessed with the cheetah print. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I’m so glad you enjoyed the look. I really appreciate your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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