Back on the School Yard

My family always wonders why the remote seems to solely navigate to Disney channel and “elementary” movies when it’s in my hand. As an aspiring pediatrician, I think it’s simply because I gain so much from children. They have this unrefined heart and mind that people my age have learn to rid themselves of. This eagerness to do their best at any cost. This belief that they are capable of completing even the most difficult tasks.

So in the midst of a typical evening of sighs and eye rolls as the TV screen began to spell “ANNIE”, I grew enamored and almost envious of this young girl. She had this strength and persistence only found in a child, that radiated in a contagious fashion. The the iron exteriors of the people around her were softened in her presence.

She was not filled of extraordinary wit or knowledge. Unable to even read. Yet her ability to change the people and world around her was incredible.

The school bell has rung and classes have begun again. And I find myself awestruck of my perspective from previous years. This idea that school was only a means to an end. That I must complete all levels of schooling, before my gifts can be of  use. That I must be an adult to change the world around me.

The voice of Annie disrupts these thoughts,

“Oh I used to think What wouldn’t I give
For a moment like this This moment, this gift!
Now look at me and this opportunity
It’s standing right in front of me”

And I wonder how a girl of her age and circumstance can stand in front of a crowd singing with such grace and confidence. Taking her opportunity at the rightful age of 12.

Here I am with the same digits in reverse order looking at my hands like they aren’t good enough. Like my rough edges might be too rough to touch anyone or to change anything.

But then I am reminded by my pastor’s words. “That I am a guest of the king”. (Daniel 3:8-15).

I belong at the table. His grace allows me to reap the benefits of the king with the rankings of a peasant. Gifting me with the ability to incite even in my roughness.

There is no level of schooling or proper age that I will then become right to serve the ones around me.

My moment is the current moment. My opportunity is my school.

The school bell has rung. And I am ready.

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