Fallin’ Into Winter

Fallin’ Into Winter.

Everyone knows that peculiar time of year, the time where we just seem to be waiting, for fall to leave and winter to come. That annoying time where the weather man just can’t seem to make up his mind. But do not worry my fellow fashionistas because with a little bit of creativity and planning we can master this season with poise and grace.

So far Connecticut has been experiencing this peculiar season in full force. Literally leaving my dorm in mid 60/70 degrees and returning in low 30s .  So whats the secret to mastering this crazy weather?… Layering.

Layering is perfect for this time of year because it allows you to have an outfit for every temperature change without making a trip back to your room. All you have to do is give yourself enough layers to keep you cool in the warmest temps and warm enough in the coldest temps.

With the morning and afternoons feeling like fall, I like to start the day off with a fallish look. For this day, I started with a simple white flowy dress to deal with the warmth of fall. I then layered over it a long thick patterned cardigan to deal with the small chill of the season. I then tossed in a fuchsia scarf to give a little extra help with the chill. And then finished it off with a pair of grey high knees.

With winter season always arriving quickly at dusk, it’s important to have a single piece that will switch your outfit from warm to cool in a minute. For this outfit, I used my grandmommy-gifted short black cut jacket as my transition piece. Short enough to still show off my cardigan and thick enough to provided adequate warmth.

My favorite item of this outfit, probably because it’s perfect for weathering this season, is my boots. My sis found them for me at the consignment shop, Buffalo Exchange, for a steal of a price. They are so versatile giving the option to where them short cut like mid calve boots or high like riding boots. And with brown and black coloring they go with pretty much anything.

Layering is fun and easy.  It’s as simple as blending one of your warmer day dresses with one of your over sized sweaters. Being stuck between two seasons doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Enjoy having the best of both worlds and look good while doing it.

So, whether your waiting for fall to be over or winter to begin, layer up and walk in confidence.

Another special thanks to my talented and gracious suite mate, Sisilia, who shot this post for me.


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