I’m not going to lie, being an activist has never really been my thing. To be honest the word describes pretty much everyone in my family except me. But times of changed. Or have they?

With more mass shootings in the past year than there are days, racial discrimination in the school system, the water in Flint, polarizing views from presidential candidates, and the immigration crisis. It’s hard enough to ignore the issues in this country, much less stay silent about them.

It’s vital that we gain a voice especially amongst the cohort of millennials. And what better way to express our voice than through fashion?

For the African-American community no activist is more memorable than Martin Luther King, Jr. So I find it only right to take a day to celebrate what he changed and ignited in this country. Thus I took Monday morning to march like he did across my city in hopes of igniting similar change.

Marches are the perfect scene to ignite a conversation through fashion. For my outfit I was sure to grab a t-shirt that was simple, yet powerful. As a native Austinite I wanna get the kids talking about the concerns in our city like, the dwindling numbers of black residents and gentrification. The #iamblackaustin campaign is a creative celebration of black culture in and contributions to Austin, indeed an initiative worth promoting.

Once you got your statement tee you are gonna need some practical style pieces to complete your marching attire. Like a pair of nice sunglasses to add flair to your look and give you that sun protection.

And don’t forget your walking shoes, a classic converse with some tall socks will do. You just need something to carry you through your trek towards change.

It’s crazy to think that the ones before me took a similar walk that got me the privilege to stand on the streets of The University of Texas campus. Further more, that gave my sister the privilege to receive her master’s degree at this once all white institution.

Or to stand at the gates of UT’s football stadium. The same gates that once kept African-Americans from all sports teams, now opened to the university’s first African-American football coach.

Wondering how to get your hands on some cool tees like these? Gloss Rags is just a click away.

Fashion is meant to turn heads. So why not get the heads turned and the mindsets changed? Grab a friend, identify an issue that means something to you, toss on an eye-catching t-shirt and start exercising that voice of yours,  because fashion can be a powerful tool.


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