L.A. Fashiona


L.A. Fashiona.

When I was growing up our parents heard no louder screams of disappointment than when they announced we would be traveling to see our family. Because in my big family, trips to grandmas didn’t mean a 15 min drive down the road it meant a two and a half hour flight to California or a 16 hour drive to Atlanta. But now that all the kids are grown we kinda love the excuse to take a little vacay to Cali and say its in the name of visiting family.

My big sis, momma, and I headed to Los Angeles, California last month to celebrate my maternal grandmother’s retirement from the University of Southern California. So here’s a little look book of what I was strutting and a few of the great fashion places I visited in the great land of palm trees.

First stop was the great Nike shop at the famous Grove Shopping center in Los Angeles.

The store was just relocated and redesigned and it is looking sweet, housing three floors of beautiful Nike sneaks and cool apparel.

I didn’t snag a pair of sneaks while I was there, but I couldn’t help but try on a few pairs. The crowd favorite was easily the off-white Roshe Ones.

The next great event slash kind of the whole reason when went to Cali, was the retirement celebration for my grandmother. At seventy-eight years old and with three prior attempts, my grandmother finally retired from USC after 10 years of teaching in the School of Education.

So to honor such an incredible and inspiring woman, I went with a tweed pastel and yellow striped dress with a pair of simple mustard yellow pumps.

Something my sis and I love to do when we go to Cali is take a hike. This time we joined her best friend from college and her little sis for a little double sister date and a hike at Griffith Park.

Because it was mid May and the weather still had its chill bursts, I wore my older cousin’s graphic Adidas hoodie with a pair of her black tights.

With my late grandfather being a pastor, you best believe my family woke up at 7:30 am to attend 8 am church service on Sunday morning.

To church I paired my sister’s army green leather pencil skirt with a plain white fitted tank top. And I draped the whole look with a white and black accented short kimono. And on my feet I went with my momma’s chunky light brown heels.

And like any black church-going family, we of course followed up service with a little bar-b-que at my aunt and uncle’s house out in the Valley. 

To the family cookout I wore a thin blue and white striped t-shirt with high-waisted black jean shorts, strappy black sandals, and a denim long sleeve to tight it all it all together.

I have twelve cousins on my momma’s side and with nine of them currently living in Cali my sis and I couldn’t leave without spending some time with a few of them.

Our departing flight didn’t take off until 7 pm, so we headed to Abbott Kinney, grabbed some lunch, did a little shopping, and got some fancy ice cream for our little cousin hangout time.

Abbott Kinney is a super cute street near Venice beach with tons of little shops, restaurants and food trucks.

There was a nice cool breeze our last day so I went with a Cali inspired graphic tank top and a thin stripped charcoal and brown sweater with a pair of black cut off shorts and my black strappy sandals again.

With a great mix of family time, shopping, adventure and yummy food, Cali was a great success.


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