Gettin’ Back to Our Roots


Gettin’ Back to Our Roots.

Nothing taste better than fresh ingredients. And I was blessed enough to learn that around the same time I learned to eat, because as long as I can remember my mom has had a garden at our house. From fresh herbs to fresh vegetables to fresh fruit my momma had it in her garden.

But not every kids gets the same privilege I got. So when my sister told me about Urban Roots, an organization that helps not only expose kids to fresh ingredients, but teach them how to grow it, manage it and cook it, I was beyond interested in checking it out.


A few weeks ago my sis scored us the sweet opportunity to head out to the actual Urban Roots farm and check out the facilities as well as get spoiled with some freshly cooked grub.


The farm was absolutely gorgeous with several acres of land right in East Austin. Yes, farm land in the actual city limits of Austin. Amazing.

On the farm they grow a vast variety of things from tomatoes and lettuce to garlic and onions.

They even have a wide variety of fruit trees, barring treats such as figs, plums, and pomegranates.

Aww a foodie’s dream, spending an afternoon at a farm tasting and picking various delicious fresh fruits and vegetables.

But the best part wasn’t even the tour of the grounds. The spoiling continued with a homemade Thai lunch made by the same group of kids responsible for growing all the ingredients on the farm.

A group of middle school and high school aged kids woke up early that morning, headed down to the Thai Fresh restaurant, and cooked an entire Thai spread for us. The meal included a vegetable as well as a chicken yellow curry, a cucumber salad, a vegetable medley, and Pad Thai.


The meal was fantastic. The Thai flavors came rushing through each dish, a little bit of sweet with a little bit of spice and all with the same fresh herb punch.

As if a tour of the grounds and delicious homemade meal wasn’t enough, we also got to hear from the kids themselves.

The great part about Urban Roots is they aren’t an organization directed towards solely teaching kids how to grow food or even cook, they are passionate about shaping whole individuals. And that includes teaching the youth public speaking as well as finance management. So as a part of the lunch we got to hear from each cook about what they made and all the farm ingredients they used.

20160701_130224 (1)


And after that we got to sit down with a few of the kids and got to chat with them personally. The two girls at my table were the perfect pair. Both rising seniors with one thinking of pursuing culinary arts and the other medicine. Yes, two girls that together pretty much make me. And to make it even better, they were the sweetest and most genuine young women.


What a perfect summer treat. An afternoon on the farm, a delicious Thai dish made at one of my favorite restaurants, and a chat with some incredible young adults. I am so grateful to Urban Roots for not only hosting me and my sister, but for creating and running such an important and powerful organization.

If you want more information on Urban Roots check out their website.

And if you are ever in the craving for some good Thai food I highly recommend Thai Fresh.


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  1. Gmom says:

    You are so talented my pride level rises to a new level. That Thai dish looked delish I look forward to sampling.l love you keep it going.

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