It’s Business Casual

blue dress 1st look

It’s Business Casual.

They say time flies when you are having fun and they must be right because in a blink of an eye I am done with my summer internship. I just completed 9 weeks as an intern for the CEO of the Austin YMCA and I enjoyed every minute of it. Here’s a little glimpse into some of the pieces I wore throughout my time at the YMCA.

Being twenty-two is a fun age in the work force when it comes to fashion. You get to enter a new line of fashion, a little more mature and businessy than college classroom requires, but you are still in that age gap that a youthful flare is encouraged.

20160806_101222 (1)

Since our office was business casual I paired a little fancier of a dress with a cardigan and a short open toe heel for this first look. If you haven’t already figured out I love dresses, especially for work. They just make everything so much easier.

Some mornings are harder to wake up than others. So for the those mornings that you got 15 minutes to get dressed, make breakfast and lunch and a tall glass of iced tea, a nice black dress is a must. Toss on a light-colored jean jacket and a pair of leather flats to make your chaotic morning look effortless.

20160806_103819 (1)

The nice thing about this black dress is it had a little lace detail that gave my look an extra flair when the Texas heat required my jacket to be removed.

20160806_103723 (1)

Next to dresses, I must say skirts are my favorite piece of clothing. With work taking me all across town, I never wanted to be caught under the Texas sun with my legs trapped in a pair of pants.

20160806_102229 (1)

For this outfit I went with a creme skirt with a simple blue and white striped shirt for a clean work look.

I of course paired it with a jean jacket in case of a strong office air conditioning and my short cut heels to add a little mature touch.


The first step to being prepared for work is dressing the part, it sets the tone for the entire day. So even those days when your alarm clock is screaming a little different tune than the voice in your head, grab yourself an outfit that will be sure to get you started on the right foot.


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  1. Looking good there, lady!


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