Biffster Love


Biffster Love.

You may ask… “What’s a biffster?”

Honestly I wasn’t quite sure what it was myself until I met Inga. She is the perfect embodiment of a best friend and a sister. Thus a biffster.

And she demonstrated the validity of this title this summer when she took a little flight from Yonkers, New York to Austin, Texas to visit me. And the icing on the cake was that she completely surprised me. Like 12 am in my pajamas, hiding in my sister’s room, a slight squeal, kind of surprise.

So here’s a little glimpse at our Austin adventures.


In order to properly fuel oneself for Austin activities, one must first get themselves a breakfast taco. To ensure my Northerner friend completely understood the importance and beauty of this breakfast item I took her to Torchy’s Tacos. And I gifted her with a cheesy bacon, potato, and egg wrapped in a warm tortilla, giving her a proper Texas welcome.


Yes we Austinites love water activities because we enjoy staying active, but we also believe they are necessary for survival. A fact that my little New Yorker soon found out. So I was sure to fill our time with lots of water. We started off with the simple yet classic Deep Eddy natural pool.  Then I stepped it up a notch and took her on Lady Bird Lake for some paddle boarding with Texas Rowing Center.


Then I gave her a real introduction to Texas. Beef. Yes, you can’t come to the land of the cows and not get yourself a juicy cheeseburger. So we took a little stop to Hopdoddy Burger Bar. Let’s just say Inga was understanding all the Texas hype just a little better after that meal.


But I couldn’t just end at the beef. If Inga was really gonna come to understand the Texas ways she was gonna need to see the leather side of things too. So I took her to Allens Boots, the iconic boot store of Austin. After trying on quite a few pair, I think she might have considered swapping her Pumas for something with a little more leather.


We may not agree on everything, but there are two things that definitely brought us together and continue to keep us together. The first being our faith. She is my prayer confidante, my accountability partner, my fasting companion, and my worship buddy, faith is at the root of our relationship. So I was pretty excited to introduce her to the church that shaped my relationship with Christ. As you can tell by our smiles, Agape Christian Ministries gave her one more example of why I love Austin.


The second thing that brought us together and keeps us together is fitness. Who knew there was another girl out there that was just as serious and passionate about their individual sport as I am. Granted she’s more into that basketball stuff and I am of course into the beautiful game of soccer, but it still works. It was such a joy to be able to take her to all my favorite spots. I took her to quite a few places like Zilker Park for pick up soccer, the Town Lake YMCA for weights and pick up basketball. But our favorite stops were by far the Lady Bird Lake Trail and the Butler Boardwalk.


Texas is pretty sweet. I think Inga learned that pretty quickly because she made us stop at Gourdough’s twice during her visit. I mean I can’t blame her Gourdough’s does make amazing gourmet donuts that just don’t compare to any other place.


But then of course the sweets didn’t stop there because I had to let her try Hey Cupcake!. I mean there just isn’t anything like a moist delicious red velvet cupcake topped with the perfectly sweet and creamy cream cheese icing.


And among the amazing sweets, one cannot forget the reason why she has come to visit. Which is to experience the Texas life. And what better way then to visit the capital building of Texas. And while we are at it learn a little two stepping at the White Horse.


And then after that we can get back to the food. Like a homemade waffle brunch. Or a delicious double scoop of Lick ice cream.


And then it’s back to exploring the treasures of Austin. Such as my favorite childhood toy store, Toy Joy, that can convert any adult into a kid with just one peek inside. Or our professional football team’s stadium. Also known as the home of the University of Texas’s football team. Or the super neat old candy shop, Big Top Candy Shop, filled with authentic retro soda fountains and all the classic candies your heart desires.


It was tough choosing what things were important enough to hit up now and what things would just have to wait until next time. But there are two things a girl cannot miss having every time she steps foot into Austin territory and that is bar b q and Amy’s Ice Cream. Nothing is better than some juicy beef ribs or a cup of decadent Mexican vanilla ice cream with the perfectly crushed-in treat of your choice.


Well just like summer, this trip just wasn’t long enough. Now she is off in New York back in the swing of post-grad life and I am still finishing up my bachelors degree in Connecticut. But it’s cool because, “I love you [biffster] so much.”


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