Senior Shenanigans

If you looked for me during any other school year you’d probably find me behind a closed-door with my head buried in some sort of book. But this year was my last year of undergrad and after five long years I decided to not just open the door and put down the book, but I decided to actually have a bit of fun. So hears a little look book on just a few of my senior shenanigans.



First stop. Washing D.C. My maternal grandmother scored us tickets to get inside the white house this September just in time to catch the Obama’s still in the house.

When you hang with the president its important to dress up just a little, so I went with a nice summer dress (borrowed from my friend) and a denim jacket to keep it casual.



If you are gonna go to school in the northeast, its kind of imperative you use the Fall to visit the orchard to snag fresh apples and sweet apple cider.

The orchard is the perfect scene for a little overall action with a pairing of short cut boots.



After 5 years in the Northeast, I finally made it to  New York for a stay longer than one day. First stop was visiting my biffster in Yonkers, New York.

Pictured here is my little church ensemble. I wore a long sleeve denim button down with a tan leather skirt with matching leather flats and tossed a light weight white jacket on top.



The best part about biffster visits is you can do about anything and have a good time. Like late night treks to Starbucks to splurge on a salted caramel hot chocolate and a little danish.

With temperatures resembling typical late November New York weather, I was sure to layer up for this look. Another denim long sleeve but this time, worn over a simple grey tank with black skinny jeans and short cut black boots. And of course some winter accessories, my over-sized infinity black scarf and grey knitted beanie.



Next stop on the New York excursion was Brooklyn with my big sister. Like any great foodie, my favorite part of the visit was the food. This shot was right after we struggled to finish one of the best burgers I have had in a while at a joint simply named Diner.

Naturally we wore athleisure because we knew would have to work off all we ate with a walk across Brooklyn Bridge. So I wore my super comfy printed leggings I scored from Costco with my white light jacket and top it with my next favorite Costco purchase, my long black down jacket.



Another must in the city is shopping of course. So my sister and I headed to find some new threads at some neat thrift stores.

On our way out of the shops we found this cute pink wall and my sister couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity. For my shopping look I just wore a simple stripped t-shirt with white jeans a chunky black boot and my all my winter staples again.



The final and one of the coolest things my sister arranged for us was seeing the Brooklyn Nets play. My sister is a huge Jeremy Lin fan and I am just a fan of basketball so it was the perfect New York outing for us.

I’ll be honest I was not as prepared fashion wise for this game as my sister. So I snagged this sweet black and white Brooklyn tee at one of the thrift stops we hit earlier that day. I paired it with my black skinnys, my black and white New York City socks and pair of white fans.



After spending Thanksgiving on the east coast, I thought it only natural to spend Christmas on the west coast. Well in actuality, a good portion of my mom’s family lives in Cali now so we didn’t have must choice since they were hosting Christmas this year.

On what seems like a family tradition at this point, we traveled to Cali on the morning of Christmas, so I thought it only appropriate to arrive in festive style.  I rocked my sisters red luggage with a simple dress, black booties and a green necklace to keep the theme alive.



With my cousins moving out to live in the valley we finally got to explore other parts of Cali besides LA and Malibu. This day we hit up the shops in Santa Barbara.

I began this morning wearing something completely different, but when I spotted this fur vest among my aunt’s luggage I had to cop it. So I paired it with a black cardigan and grey tank top. And once again black skinnys and booties. And a hat to give a real Cali look.



Next it was back to LA for more family adventures. Like late night cousin runs to a yummy Ramen spot.

One thing drastically different between Texas and Cali, is Cali actually gets some heat relief at night. To the point, that it  gets chilly enough to require a jacket. So this night I rocked my newly gifted Adidas sweatshirt and leather jacket with black skinnys and my white short cut Converse.



One of the coolest stops we made as a family, was to the Getty Museum. It was absolutely gorgeous and completely free. You get to take this super cool train up the hill to the museum as you get to look over LA. And there is are tons of exhibits to explore, it’s one of those museums you could just keep coming back to over and over again and never get tired of it.

With the night temperatures clearly not being of issue this afternoon, I raided my older cousin’s closet and put this look together. A black tank top with a cut out back with a fitted maxi skirt and topped with an olive-green duster.



I ended my Cali adventures, but not my senior shenanigans with an afternoon in Santa Monica with my cousins.

The Santa Barbara outing gifted me this denim skirt on sale at H&M so I had to strut it for my last day. I paired it with my halter top I actually snagged during my last visit to Cali at my favorite Ross. I love me some denim on denim so I topped this look with a denim jacket and rocked my Converse again.

Senior year can be tough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some time to have a  bit of fun. So I hope my little look book inspires all those students out there to lift your heads from your books and create some memorable adventures.

Elizabeth FAith ❤

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