A Graduated Look.

Graduation at Quinnipiac Sign

A Graduated Look.

I know it’s August, but a few months ago a pretty monumental event occurred in my life and I thought I should share it with you guys.

I graduated…from college.

It’s funny how these days, many people might just scroll past those sentences like its nothing…especially if you grew up in a certain family or community. But my long and challenge-filled five-year experience showed me, completing college is far from nothing.

I was blessed to be born into a family that has many generations of college educated members. And I went to a high school that graduating wasn’t really seen as a feat, but rather more of a requirement. So when I began my college journey I must admit I made the assumption it will be easy and progress exactly as I planned.

Undegrad in four. Wedding. Med school. Children. Residency. Pediatric practice.

Welp let’s just say…

Undegrad in four. Wedding. Med school. Children. Residency. Pediatric practice. 

Floral Dress and Pinata

So when senior year came around. I planned a graduation party not because I thought deserved it, but because I knew my family and friends warranted  it. They deserved to celebrate the amazing accomplish of helping me get my degree. They deserved a time to praise Him.

So here is a look at my graduation weekend with all its joyous events and celebratory fashion pieces.

Floral dress. Forever 21 in a Garden

It’s hard to give one person MVP for this weekend, because everyone knows with a cheering squad as big as mine, you need all hands on deck. But if I could give an unofficial MVP title, it would hands down go to my big sister. She scored this amazing Airbnb in Redding, Connecticut that was the perfect setting for my party.

Floral Dress. Forever 21

Being from Texas, but going to school in Connecticut I thought it only right to bring my home roots to the East coast. So I had a Tex-Mex theme party.

I wanted a dress that gave a nod to my state’s Mexican influence so I found this gorgeous dress at FOREVER 21. It had nice delicate embroidered green and red flowers with thin black straps placed in a criss-cross design in the back.

Floral Dress Forever 21 by pond

The party was a hit. With an amazing food spread.  An incredible cake. A pinata. Tons of dancing. And just plain good times together.

Quinnipiac Graduation picture by fireplace

Also a part of the weekend was senior pictures.  I knew my family would want some nice pictures of this time so I arranged a little photo shoot at some of my favorite spots around campus. One of my fellow classmates, Taylor Chelo (TC Photography) actually took all the shots and did a great job so if you ever need some pics hit  her up.

For the shoot I rocked a simple above knee white dress that had a little bit of texture and a tiny slit up top. I paired it with a comfortable short cut pair of heels and my multicultural society stole.

Quinnipiac Graduation by Entrance sign Quinnipiac Graduation picture by lake

And then… it was time to cross the stage.

Quinnipiac Graduation at TD Bank center

For the actual day I wore an ASOS knee-length white dress with a plunge neckline and a sash swung across the back with a small split on the leg. I wore it with a pair of NINE WEST cobalt blue chunky heels with my multicolored stole. And to top the look off my sis added my floral head-piece to my cap for a final touch of color and fun.

Quinnipiac Graduation School of Health Sciences

It was such an amazing feeling to grab that diploma, but it was an even greater feeling to share it with my parents and cheering squad afterwards. I’m sure you have heard it all before, but I know that I would not have completed college if it weren’t for these people. My grandparents, my siblings, my aunts, my uncles my cousins… the list goes on and not even half of them are pictured here. But I’m thankful for the ones who came and represented the large village that encircles  me.

Quinnipiac Graduation with family                                                   quinnipiac graduation with grandmothers

I officially graduated from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut with a degree in Health Sciences. And I still plan on attending medical school just according to God’s timing. College is amazing and not an easy feat so make sure you got a good team behind you.  And don’t forget to stop and celebrate.


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