Summer Samosas

Summer samosas.

Samosas. Samosas. Samosas.

It’s that time of week again. Time for my Summer Series. This week I am finally taking you to the more western part of Asia, Indian. And I’m giving you a recipe for one of my favorite Indian appetizers, samosas.

With Indian food being so decadent, it’s nearly impossible to finish a serving of Tikka Masala, the obligatory big plate of Naan AND a samosa. (But let’s be real, if you leave an Indian restaurant without having to adjust your waistband, did you really eat Indian food?) So here’s a recipe for those days your craving those Indian flavors, but in bite-size form. 

This recipe is actually pretty simple and despite the intimidating shape of these things, they are surprisingly easy to form.


3 Large Potatoes
2 Tb Garlic (minced)

1 Tb Ginger (minced)
1 Tb Curry Powder

1 Tb Garam Masala

1 Tb Tumeric

1 Tb Garlic Powder

2 tsp Cumin

1 tsp Black Pepper

Salt to taste

1/2 Cup Cilantro 

1 Tb Lemon Juice 
Oil for frying
1 Cup Flour
2 Tbs Oil 
1/4 - 1/2 Cup Water
Mint Chutney Sauce
1 cup Cilantro
1 cup Mint
1/2 Onion 
1 Green Pepper
1 Tb Lemon Juice 
Salt to taste


To start off you are just going to boil your potatoes. I like to skin and cube mine before I put them in the water because I find they cook quicker.  Let the potatoes boil and become soft. About 7-10 mins.

While the potatoes are boiling. Add the garlic, ginger, curry powder, garam masala, and turmeric to a skillet on medium-high heat. Let cook for about 30 secs to a minute in oil. This step is just to bring out all the flavors of the spices as well as the garlic and ginger.

Once the potatoes are done add them to the pan and mash with the a mash or the back of a spoon.

Once the potatoes are nice and mashed, add the remainder of the spices, the cilantro, and the lemon juice. The great thing about Indian food is its spice level can be catered to your level of choice. So feel free to add as much or little of the different spices as you please.  Add salt to taste and your done.

Set Aside.


This dough is really simple and takes about 5 minutes to make.

To start just add the flour and oil in a stand up mixer with the hook attachment on. Mix together until it becomes a crumbly consistency.

Next add the water until the dough comes together and has a smooth consistency.

Knead the dough until it comes together (few minutes).

Form about 6 small balls from the dough and cover with a damp towel. Let set for about 15 mins.


This assembly is honestly more daunting in its appearance than it is to make them. So don’t be scared.

First Step.

Take one ball and roll out into a thin circle.

Second Step.

Cut the circle down the middle and make two half circles.

Third Step.

Take one of the halves and fold the corners of the straight side inwards to for a cone shape. Brush a dab of water on the sides to stick/seal them together.

Fourth Step.

Add the filling into the center of the cone. Then fold the two sides of the bottom into each other and seal crease with water. You should create a smooth bottom so that it can stand up on its own.

And they are ready for the fryer.


The dishes little pockets are gonna take a dip in the fryer. So you can follow whatever method you prefer. I recently bought a deep fryer so I just tossed mine my fryer at the highest temp (375 F). Let them cook for about 5-7 minutes and/or golden brown. You can follow the same method on the stove top, just be sure to watch the heat.

Once done frying let them cool on a rack for a minute.


To make the sauce simply add all the ingredients into a blender and until smooth.  Add salt to taste.

And you’re done.


These little pockets of flavor are a great appetizer. Serve them at your next dinner party or keep them all to yourself for a nice midday snack.

Whatever you end up doing, I really do love hearing from you guys! So let me know what you think of the recipe in the comment section below.


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