BBQ Attire


bbq post sittin sip f

BBQ Attire.

There’s one thing that marks summer for everyone, but especially for us Texans. And that’s BBQ’s. Between the family BBQ and the church BBQ a Texan’s summer is guaranteed to be filled with them. So here’s a few of my quick tips on sporting the best backyard fashion.

bbq post sippin_edited

Hours outside in the heat means no sleeves or pant legs. And because I’m a fan of some friendly competition, I like something I can kick a ball or toss a frisbee in. So for me I love rocking some high-waisted shorts.

bbq post side view f

Tank tops are definitely my shirt of choice. Something that doesn’t have too much frill, but still adds a nice feminine touch. A halter top works perfectly. I always like to go with a dark shirt too because let’s be honest BBQ isn’t the cleanest.

bbq post outdoor seating f

And my little secret to jazz up the look without too much heavy jewelry is to add one of my favorite bandannas around my neck. But  the real secret lies in the fact that when the heat starts rising near the grill you can give the bandanna a dip in some cold water to cool yourself off.

And for shoes you can wear some simple summer sandals like I did or try a pair of short cut sneakers like a pair of  your favorite Converse of Keds.

bbq post sip n smile fLast step to complete your backyard look, grab a pair of sunglasses and a tall Mason jar of sweet tea and get comfortable. Because it’s time for that final Summer BBQ!




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