Partners in Prayer

Partners in Prayer.

Growing up I heard the same faith-related phrases over and over to the point they didn’t mean much to me. I never felt obligated or inspired to explore them. I honestly thought they were just some cute and optional faith accessory. For instance, Prayer Partners.

I mean it made sense I guess. Some people enjoyed having a buddy to talk to God with, but I didn’t understand what the whole hoopla. If I didn’t have one I could still pray.

But last year came and I got myself my own prayer partner. And that’s when the phrase lost its image of an accessory and gained its image of a necessity. It was like this whole world was unlock. It was as if His word reigned true… “Where two or more are gather, I will be”.  I could feel God ushering us into his presence.

It was in those small library rooms that I felt His power and even more I saw His power. Things we had been praying for for years began to manifest. Relationships we had given up on became restored. The campus we had become weary of, became transformed. We were tearing walls down in the spirit realm and seeing it manifest in the natural.

I would begin my day completely out of sorts. A horrific dream, an early morning fight, an unfinished assignment looming over my head, shocking news from the family… One minute in that prayer room and my perspective had to change. I didn’t say my situation. I said my perspective. And that’s where God’s power truly lies. In His ability to transform and elevate our minds. So that even when we are in the midst of a situation we can still claim victory. Because we have a perspective from higher ground. We see the full picture. We see the end of the story, so we don’t have to worry too much about this scene of the book.

There is purpose in prayer partners.

I remember trying to thank my friend at the end of the school year for being my prayer partner, but I immediately got choked up. It was like these tears were out of my control. I could not image my year or life without her friendship. She had completely reconstructed my faith walk.

As school and work starts back up I urge you to find a partner to pray with. I guarantee it will reconstruct your walk too.


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