A Fun Christian

A Fun Christian.

Becoming a Christian these days means gaining a checklist. Or even more accurately a “Do Not” list.

Do not drink.

Do not cheat.

Do not lie.

Do not have sex before marriage.

Do not do drugs.

Don’t dress inappropriately.

The list just piles up on all the things we can’t do. And that discourages not us who have already given our lives to Christ, but the ones still contemplating. 

The enemy then uses this list to paralyze us. 

The enemy gets us so focused on all the “do not’s” that we stop living completely, out of frustration, resentment, and fear.

We get to college and we hear God telling us not to drink, we sulk and say “there’s nothing to do here, I’m not allowed to have fun”.

We get the opportunity to date and we hear God asking us to put up boundaries and wait to progress physically until marriage. And we say “there’s no point of dating”

We get to class, the work is hard, and everyone else’s advice is wondering eyes and paid papers, but we hear God say be honest, don’t cheat. And we say “there’s no way for me to be successful”. 

We are finally grown enough to have the freedom to dress how we please, we hear God say dress modestly. We say, “I’ll never get to feel beautiful or attractive, I’ll never be affirmed by others”.

Those examples may describe a college experience, but the same principal applies to us not in college out in the work force… Feeling like everyone else’s work ethic is half of yours, yet they get rewarded double. Feeling like the only way to be social with coworkers is to engage in the things they find amusing. That listening to God means being stuck with less benefits and lame friends.

But the reality is that’s all just a tactic of the enemy. The enemy would love to make you feel that the life that God has designed for you is empty and completely absent of enjoyment. That choosing Him means losing and not gaining.

Sure we do have to sacrifice somethings during our walk with Christ and that is challenging. But it doesn’t mean we lose everything good. There’s no way we could, because the author and creator of ALL things good is God.

So don’t sulk in your room, grab a group of friends and find all the cool things on campus. Explore the city around you, try new restaurants, take day trips to the beach, find cheap concerts. Don’t let the one phrase “no drinking” limit you from a world of blessings and enjoyment.

Don’t skip out on dating all together and miss the opportunity to building a relationship with a life-enriching individual. Just listen to God on who it should be and follow His guidance. And gain a study partner, a prayer partner, an adventure partner and so much more.

And don’t give up on being successful in school or work because you can’t cheat the system. Do it the honest way and see how you are rewarded way above the rest. Not just in a single letter grade or pay check, but in your overall success and reputation.

And lastly don’t limit your view of attractiveness to a certain type of dress. Take it from me, there is a whole world of fashion out there that gives you a modest look while still leaving you feeling gorgeous and attractive. And it isn’t limited too turtlenecks and floor length skirts.

Christians can truly have an abundant and rich life, so don’t let the enemy trick you into living less of a life.



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  1. The wonderful thing about the Almighty, He will give you everything, if we try and do good. We won’t be perfect, He knows, He made us 🙂 but if we are true and try, He will provide all our needs. Great post. God Bless you!

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  2. Tracie says:

    Great perspective! Stay focused on Him!

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