Anytime Fashion

Ruffle Top

Anytime Fashion.

I love fashion, but that doesn’t mean I wait until a big gala or a fancy trip to New York to put a stylish outfit together. I take every opportunity to strut some of my favorite pieces. So here’s a look at some of my favorite anytime ‘fits.

Baseball Cap outfit

Being a foodie means tons of trips to the grocery store. Thankfully I have my convenient neighborhood spot to make those quick last minute runs. But just because it’s right up the road doesn’t mean I can’t put on a cute little ensemble.

Baseball Cap

Being crutch for time, the look has to be effortless, but still like it to be fun. For my grocery-store-look I tossed on my favorite pair of DIY black denim shorts with a plain grey tank. But to add a little flair I wore my grey lace bralette underneath it.

Baseball Cap

Then I grabbed my new pair of peach Nike kicks, threw my hair in a low puff and topped it all off with my floral Cali hat. And I was set for a quick and cute grocery store run.

Ruffle Top

As a “fashionista,” I’m always hunting for find new looks on a budget. And that means catching as many sales as possible, But just because you’re hunting for fashion doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rock a little fashion too. My mom and I love outings like these, we get dressed in nice outfits, window shop a little, get some inspiration, and “splurge” on one little item. *In this case I got treated to these $12 sunglasses.*

Ruffle Top

For my bargain-shopping-look, I borrowed my sister’s nice ruffled striped top (who was conveniently out-of-town for the week) and wore it with a pair of my polyester high-waisted black shorts. Then I threw on a pair of my strappy black sandals and my re-purposed headband-turned-choker and called it a day.

Wrap Skirt

And as an Austinite, it’s only right to spend at least one of my Summer evenings at Zilker’s Blues on the Green. I’m not a huge music buff, but I am sucker for free outdoor events at one of my favorite parks with a delish homemade picnic coupled with some lovely live music.

Wrap Skirt

For this outdoor-concert-look I turned my printed wrap cloth into a skirt with a high slit and added my simple ribbed white halter top. For footwear I wore a pair of tan hide sandals. And to finish the look, I tossed on a brown large brim hat.

From grocery runs to “shopping sprees” and outdoor concerts I see all my activities as opportunities to dress up and have fun with contents of my closet. So next time you’re dreading a “mundane” activity, jazzy it up with a touch of lively fashion.


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