Social Media n Jesus?


Social Media n Jesus?

I’ve been a writer since I was little. Like pretty darn little.

So little, that I was forced to scribble my version of cursive on pages and pages of paper and then recite what it “said.”

Then I grew up and my sister introduced me to the world of blogging and I was ever so grateful.

I was typing away, sharing gorgeous experiences through a literary artform. Transforming a mere moment into an elegant story.

My stomach began to rumble with excitement as I waited for readers.


No one.

My heart morphed into a dumbbell.

How could I share all this writing, all this knowledge, all this power and not a single soul read it?

I was angry at God and Ginny for coming up with this idea.

So I did a little research and every website read, “If you want to get people to you blog you have to connect your readers through Instagram… Twitter…Facebook….”

Ugh. I sighed in agony.

How does a Christian remain humble and grounded while posting weekly pics of herself on multiple outlets.

My friends are gonna get annoyed.

They are going to question my authenticity.

But all I want to do is have a blog that ushers people into Christ’s presence. That reminds people of all that He is. To have people’s newsfeed flooded with Jesus. 

Not a painting of man-bun-Jesus. Not a picture of mountains wrapped in scripture. A true picture of Jesus, in all His entirety

So I was torn.

How was I to achieve this?

Playing by man’s rules or God’s rules?

And who’s rules were who’s?

Was flooding your timeline with pics of my life vain or just a part of sharing the gospel?

Was using nice pictures to draw you into my writing unauthentic or using all my gifts for the glory of the Lord?

This is what social media had me doing. Questioning everything!

I wish I could wrap this up cleanly and say… “So I decided to just trust God and post one Instagram picture a week with an ambiguous picture of the sky and everyone came running to my blog and found Jesus.”

But I can’t say that, because I still find myself every week wondering… “I am doing the right thing…?”

And in light of the tragedy in Vegas, I sit even more in wonder of my ability to bring His power and healing to His people through a timeline or newsfeed.

I’m still wondering what it means to share the gospel through social media, but I just pray I’m doing the right thing.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Powerful. Real. Authentic. Keep casting your beautiful and loving net, fish will come. Jesus will be glorified through you.

    Liked by 1 person

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