The Good Read

The Good Read.

I’ve been a Christian for awhile now. Eighteen years to be exact. My grandfather was a pastor. And both my parents followed in his footsteps and became pastors. And on top of all that I led a bible study for four out of my five years of college.

So basically as you can tell from my credentials, I’m an expert in God.

Yea not at all…And if this was any other area of expertise in our society I would probably be considered a failure. I even began to question myself, asking, “How could you possibly not know everything about God when you have all these resources and experiences?”

But then I began to look at my mother as she so eloquently stood at the pulpit and preached the word. Her words had such power, but not because they reveal her years of higher education or even her justified her ordination. But rather they boldly revealed her naivety and ignorance. She opened her fragile worn pages with a zealous look in her eyes like her bible was fresh from the book store. She jumped in awe as she read a sentence I knew she had been reading for decades.

There was intention in the Lord deeming us children of God. There was intention in Him calling us to have faith like a child.

His word is continuous and that means we can and should be discovering more and more about Him each time we read it.

John 3:16 was not meant to be read one time, engraved in our bracelets, and then moved on from like we gained everything with one look.

We are allowed and rather encouraged to read the same verse from age 5 to age 24 and gain new revelation.

And it was this gorgeous revelation that allowed me to study the bible completely differently.

I stopped looking at The Book like a daunting calculus text I would be forced to mull through with anxiety and fear and close it with no understanding.

I began looking at The Word like God’s own inviting and personal journal that allowed me to intimately know Him.

Like secretly discovering your sister’s diary and realizing y’alls misunderstandings could of been solved with this jewel of insight.

I’ve allowed myself to take my time through it. Reading a chapter a day. And dinging into all sentences. Giving myself time to ponder when I didn’t understand. Why would God give His life for us? How did Noah trust Him? When will I arrive at the land of milk and honey?

Leaving the app or the pages to look up words, people, and places. And discovery the insight that comes with historic geography and Hebrew translations.

But even more I’ve allowed myself to sit in it and enjoy.

To see bible time as an exciting and joyous experience. Snuggled up in bed with a nice book that gives me a moment to learn how gentle, powerful, wise and loving my Father was, is, and will always be.

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  1. joyshimmers says:

    AMAZING!! ✨❤️🙏

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    1. Thank you so much. So glad you enjoyed this read.

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