Salty Faith.


Salty Faith.

I’ve been experiencing this spiritual irritability. This irritability that meets me at the end of every bible study, at the end of every faith discussion, at the end of every morning prayer. An irritability that has quickly turned into a subtle anger.

Why was I like this? Why was I constantly feeling this way.

The things that had once left me feeling refreshed, now leaving a salt-filled taste across my lips. Nothing was fulfilling me. None of my questions being answered.

It was if I come eager to feast, stomach rumbling and I was met with a glass of water and a side salad.

It was if I had asked, “where’s the nearest store?” and was met with “don’t give up”.

I left the table, fed, but stomach only mildly filled.

I left the street inspired, but still unaware of where the store stood.

Each scenario creating bitterness in me towards the feeder and direction giver.

They were my friends, they were my colleagues, they were my family. Where was this subtle anger coming from?

As I continued to turn in circles with my stomach still rumbling. I began to understand.

I had come to this place with God in which I required more. I longed for more. My appetite was no longer of a new born. It was at least of a toddler’s.

I needed more. I wanted more.

College had meant 7:30 am wake up calls. Hour long prayer sessions in the library being cut short. Monday leadership meetings, Tuesday prayer, Wednesday Athletes’ bible study, Thursday Black Campus Ministry, Friday and Saturday hangouts, Sunday church.

College meant friendships in which just a single individual could usher you into His presence.

College meant study sessions interrupted by a spiritual encounter.

And here I was months after graduation, hangry because I was being fed on a biweekly basis when I was used to an hourly feeding schedule.

I just want more of God, to see His face and all its detail. To feel His presence with all its warmth. To hear His voice with all clarity.



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  1. tonyroberts says:

    Elizabeth, it sounds like you have a healthy, holy hunger for God. I pray that it remain unsatisfied so you will continue to seek fulfillment in His presence.

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    1. I am sorry I am just now seeing your comment. I must not have gotten a notification. Thank you so much for this comment. You have given me a new perspective on my spiritual hunger.


  2. Shahara says:

    This is just beautiful

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  3. Shahara says:

    Also. This post is pushing me to do more with the young women’s group at my church. I’m not satisfied with what we’re gaining and they’re probably not either. I want more to come out of that group spiritually and for us to gain an all around growth in Him. And instead of just sitting at that table unsatisfied, like I’ve been doing, I’m gonna bring more to the table, and request that they do so as well. And pray that God adds the increase 🙏🏾. #nomoresidesalads

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