10 Things My Mom Does That I Think are Really Smart: Household Edition


10 Things My Mom Does That I Think are Really Smart: Household Edition

Y’all might be waiting till next Sunday (AKA Mother’s Day) to show some love to your Momma, but I’m back at it this Sunday with some Momma-lovin. Here’s  my next set of 10 things my mom does that I think are smart. This week’s list is full of my favorite household tips. I’m sharing the best ways to have wherever you’re living looking like a catalog, but without them catalog prices. So here we go!

1. Goodwill Kitchen Tools

Let’s start with the kitchen, because it’s my favorite place in any home. One thing that is definitely underestimated in the kitchen is the price of kitchen tools. Finding good quality and nice looking spatulas, measuring cups and even cutting boards can get pretty price. So my mom would always hit up thrift stores like Goodwill and Savers to find nice quality pieces for the kitchen for half the price of most stores. You can even score some nice bundles that include measuring cups along with some spatulas and spoons.

2. Buying Food in Bulk

The next thing my mom always does to save money in the kitchen, is obviously the most important.. saving money on food. If you read my last Top 10 List then you know my family’s slight obsession with Costco’s. So it should be no surprise that it shows up on this list too. My mom always buys in bulk to save money and time.  And instead of keeping all the items in the extra large and unattractive packaging, she places them in cute containers on the counter because she is a firm believer in cutting cost but not aesthetics or function.  Her favorite bulk items are flour, rice, sugar and pre-minced garlic (honestly the best time saving item EVER!).

3. Thrifting Kitchen Table Decor

The next logical place in the household to hit up deals for is the kitchen table. Whether you are just setting the table for your Mom and Pops or having all your friends over for a dinner party, finding the right things to set your table can get expensive.  But my mom has yet another tip for saving money without compromising style or quality. She always snags the most gorgeous table pieces like full silverware sets, fine china, plates, bowls, cloth napkins and serving dishes. And her favorite place to find these deals?  Estate sales, consignment shops and garage sales once again.

4. Upcycling Jars

Before mason jars were the most popular piece of glass in the country, my Momma was saving all kinds of containers. Instead of tossing our used pasta jars, Topo Chico bottles or even Altoid tins, my mom would toss them in the dishwasher or clean them out in the sink. Then she would completely repurpose them, tossing some cute flower in the jars for centerpieces, spraying painting the bottles and using them for room decor, or even creating an antique desk look using the tins for nick-nacks.

5. Repurposing ALL Containers

The next thing my mom has ALWAYS done, to the point that until  the hashtag, #growingupblack, came out I thought she invented this stuff…is using items for different purposes. Like back in the day when I’d be grabbing a nice cookie tin with glee in my eyes and finding it filled with sewing needles and thread. And then my heart crumbling like the cookies I had hoped to find inside. But enough with the dramatics. This is actually a great way to save money and save the planet by recycling. My mom has turned shoe boxes into cute organizers, empty oatmeal tins into dish brush holders and turned old candelabra into jewelry holders.

6. Saving Flowers

Another way mom saves on cute decor is drying flowers. She takes flowers she’s been gifted and flowers from our garden and simply leaves them out of water for a couple of days. Then she stores them in Ziploc bags and uses them through out the year to add a touch of floral to the house decor. She also will save them for center pieces for special holiday dinners or various parties.

7. One Vase Year Around Decor

Speaking of house decor, my mom always loves to add a simple and tasteful nod to whichever season we are in, so she keeps the same hanging vase outside our door and just changes the filling. But in order to really save money, she buys fake flowers whenever  Hobby Lobby has their big floral sales and then adds a touch of her stored-up dried flowers to create a gorgeous vase that can be adapted to any season.

8. Post-Holiday Stock-ups

Another way my mom has always stayed ready for the changing seasons is stocking up on holiday items during the post-holiday sales. All stores are typically trying to get rid of their old holiday items the day after, so that means everything is significantly marked down. Which is a perfect time to snag as many cute holiday pieces you might need the next year. Like mini Valentine’s bears and cards, or ginger bread kits, garland or even other greenery that can implemented as year around decor.

9. Discount Gift Stock-Ups

In the same vein, my mom also likes to hit up the dollar section at Target or the sale section of any store to buy little gifts that she can keep stored for whenever she needs a last minute gift. It’s perfect for when you get hit with graduation season and you need lots of last minute gifts or when you are just looking for some small things to toss into your BFF’s gift bag.

10. Spray Paint Transformations

Last but not least. One of the most important tips my mom has shared with me is that… “Spray paint is your friend”. With all  the tips I have shared, especially the ones that hit towards a bit of upcycling, spray paint is the best tool to keep on hand. You can inexpensive items into amazing works of art with just a little bit of paint. Turn your simple bottles into fancy vases or transform your  simple dollar section items into extravagant gifts. Well that’s all the tips I got for you this week. But be sure to stop on by again for my next Top 10 ideas from my fabulously wise momma.



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