Elizabeth. Faith. Cumberbatch.
Austin. Texas.
24. Years. Old.
Aspiring. Medical. Student.
Faith. Food. Fashion.

Faith is what I am grounded in. Food is what I am fueled on. Fashion is what I am wrapped in. This blog is a little window into my journey with Christ, my culinary explorations and my style ventures. Hope you are inspired and encouraged by the words and pictures I share with you.

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Instagram: E_batch5
Snapchat: Lizzay015

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  1. Christina Cuen says:

    Hi my name Christina Cuen and I’m an addict and I have been struggling, my twin babies are now 11 months pools where taken from me at the hospital I love my children so much and I am terrified I may lose them. My life is spiraling down pretty fast and I am weak, I don’t want to loose my children due to my substance abuse. Please Pray for me and my family my twins names are Amina & Elijah and their fathers name is Detron I ask for family reunification… My number is 602-725-7549 thank you very luck and God bless you all…


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