Anytime Fashion

Anytime Fashion. I love fashion, but that doesn’t mean I wait until a big gala or a fancy trip to New York to put a stylish outfit together. I take every opportunity to strut some of my favorite pieces. So here’s a look at some of my favorite anytime ‘fits.

Fall Wontons

Fall Wontons. Wonton Soup. Wonton Soup. Wonton Soup. Here in Austin the leaves haven’t quite started changing colors, but I think it’s alright to say Fall is right around the corner.  So you know what that means… time for my Fall Food Series.

A Fun Christian

A Fun Christian. Becoming a Christian these days means gaining a checklist. Or even more accurately a “Do Not” list. Do not drink. Do not cheat. Do not lie. Do not have sex before marriage. Do not do drugs. Don’t dress inappropriately. The list just piles up on all the things we can’t do. And that…

Summer Cakes

Summer Cakes. Scallion Pancakes. Scallion Pancakes. Scallion Pancakes. Surprise guys,  I’m bringing you one last segment for my Summer Series! For y’alls bonus recipe is… Scallion Pancakes! Delicious flaky scallion pancakes. A few years ago my brother and sister took me to my first Ramen house and before I could order a single thing they insisted we…

Partners in Prayer

Partners in Prayer. Growing up I heard the same faith-related phrases over and over to the point they didn’t mean much to me. I never felt obligated or inspired to explore them. I honestly thought they were just some cute and optional faith accessory. For instance, Prayer Partners. I mean it made sense I guess….

BBQ Attire

  BBQ Attire. There’s one thing that marks summer for everyone, but especially for us Texans. And that’s BBQ’s. Between the family BBQ and the church BBQ a Texan’s summer is guaranteed to be filled with them. So here’s a few of my quick tips on sporting the best backyard fashion. Hours outside in the…

Summer Samosas

Summer samosas. Samosas. Samosas. Samosas. It’s that time of week again. Time for my Summer Series. This week I am finally taking you to the more western part of Asia, Indian. And I’m giving you a recipe for one of my favorite Indian appetizers, samosas. With Indian food being so decadent, it’s nearly impossible to…

“Black” in America

“Black” in America. I  have such a unique experience and sometimes I’m scared to express it. Is my black experience in America valid? Or did I live the wrong life and now I can’t share it? Did I live in the right neighborhood? Did I strut the right style? Did I like the right foods?…

Summer Stickers.

Summer Stickers. Pot stickers. Pot stickers. Pot stickers. I don’t remember when I had my first pot sticker, but whenever it was it sure got me hooked. There was something about how the dough and meat simultaneously melted in your mouth that just captivated me. This bite size snack had me so enchanted I didn’t…

Post Grad Feels.

Post Grad Feels. Fogged. The world around me, blurred pixels. These days I’m absolutely lost. LOST.